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  • Iqbalkhaniq


    Senior software engineer at Flipkart | Ex paytm | IIT Roorkee

  • Avinash Choudhary

    Avinash Choudhary

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Unexpected ‘}’ on line 32. Full time Software Engineer part time lyrical poet.

  • Sahil Jindal

    Sahil Jindal

    3rd year UG at Department of Computer Science and Engineering , IIT Kharagpur

  • Khushboo Gupta

    Khushboo Gupta

    Keep learning and improving yourself :)

  • Mehdi Aoussiad

    Mehdi Aoussiad

    Front-End Web Developer from Morocco. I focus on writing useful articles for readers. Contact:https://twitter.com/AoussiadMehdi Subscribe: mehdiouss.ck.page

  • Kenichi Shibata

    Kenichi Shibata

    Git Ninja! Linux Nerd. Javascript evangelist. AWS Architect. Software engineer. Kubernetes Mentor and Architect

  • Tremaine Eto

    Tremaine Eto

    Full-time software engineer since 2016. UCLA Computer Science B.S. with Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences minor. Follow me for software engineering tips!

  • Ankit Kumar Rajpoot

    Ankit Kumar Rajpoot

    I’m a MERN Developer. ( Redux | AWS | Python ) I enjoy taking on new things, building skills, and sharing what I’ve learned.

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