# About KWOC

Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online program for students who are new to open source software development. The program not only helps students to get involved in open source, but also prepares them for many open source summer programs; Google Summer of Code being one of them.

KWoC provides a great opportunity to get acquainted with Github along with Git commands and contribute to open source efficiently. Brush up your coding skills

If you love coding and want to learn about software development then KWoC helps you to get a glimpse of it and gives you a head start.

With KWoC, you get to know about how to select a project, interact with mentors and learn all other things that prepare you in the best way for the next GSoC.

# Selecting Projects

Over the month, we were provided with lot of projects, and we had to choose as many as we want. Having learnt C++, Python , Java and frontend web development, I wanted to try projects which were based on these languages.

There were few projects that I wanted to try, namely ds-algo-solutions , Leetcode and CGPA_ESTIMATOR.


This project aims to help you calculate your expected CGPA based on the grades you think you might end up getting. The input fields are are as follows:

Enter you Current CGPA here (Enter 0 if this is your first semester)

Enter the value of total credits you have obtained till now (Enter 0 if this is your first semester)

Next you are supposed to enter the subject credits and expected grades in the table below. There is a provision of 12 subjects. Change the input field from 0 to the desired value. When done, press the Submit Query Button and your expected CGPA will be displayed.

Try out different combinations and get an idea of how much effort to put in, in each subject in the upcoming semester to acheive your desired CGPA.

ds-algo-solutions Project

This project is basically a collection of solutions for Hackerrank data structures and algorithm problems in Python, Java and CPP.

Leetcode Project

This is a project for the solutions of various Leetcode problems. It was started with the aim of making a nice database of various leetcode problems in C++.

#Contribution Started

First I cloned all the three projects on my Github page and then I started my first contribution in ds-algo-solutions project, I asked Mentor for assigning the task to me so that I can create my first PR on that project. After assigned, I added code’s solution of Hackerrank in c++ and then created PR. At first, I faced a lot of issues like improper file name, wrong place to add new file, error in updating README file etc. But Mentors helped me to solve all these problems.

After successful merging, I again asked for assigning the task and then successfully created another PR in java then in python and this process went on. Also I created successfully PR in CGPA_ESTIMATOR project.

Links to the PR, I have created and successfully merged

PR #24 ; PR #30 ; PR #111 ; PR #112 ; PR #126 ; PR #155 ; PR #160 ; PR #169 ; PR #181 ; PR #182 ; PR #185 ; PR #186 ; PR #240 ; PR #242 ; PR #300 ; PR #302 ; PR #303 ; PR #337 ; PR #404 ; PR #405 ; PR #648 ; PR #675

# Summary

My experience with Kharagpur Winter of Code has been quite good, as the level of contribution is quite apt, considering for the beginners, and testing out all the aspects of Open Source Development.

I created total 259 commits as in one PR, I have added multiple files (e.g. PR #181, PR #169, PR #160 etc) and I added 43K lines of code and removed 16K lines of code in total of three projects. I gave more than 10 hours in a week to make all these PRs. And in making all these successful PRs, I read, learned and practiced so many concepts. You can visit my KWoC dashboard Vikhyat Singh.

I also learnt the mannerism of communicating with mentors and all the people associated with this. Overall, I am looking forward to a good session of learning new languages, in order to complement my Open Source Contribution.

I am student of NIT Patna and I do competitive coding and web development.